Margarida Ferreirinha



Margarida Ferreirinha is the Head of Communications and Sustainability at REN, since February 2011. Graduated in Social Communication, she was Head of Communications of Barclays Bank Portugal, was part of the team that opened the Centro Cultural de Belém, held Events Management, Sponsorship and Marketing functions in various projects:Altice Parque das Nações (Park of Nations). After working at Turismo de Portugal, in New York, she joined the Parque EXPO 98’s Marketing team, and during the World Exhibition she was Head of Visits of the Utopia Pavilion (now Altice Arena), coordinating the public operation of the arena. Altice Arena coordinating the public operation of the arena. From 1999 to 2001, she was part of the team at Parque das Nações, where she coordinated the events and sponsorship management team and later was responsible for the company’s Commercial Activities. In 2001, she joined Grupo PT as General Director of Regiforum. Later, she was in charge of the Central Directorate of Communication and Image of PT Multimédia, sub-holder of TV Cabo, Lusomundo Media, Audiovisuais, Cinemas e Conteúdos. Between 2005 and 2007, she accumulated the Directorate of Communication of PT PRO, a Shared Resources company of Grupo PT. With the spin-off from PT Multimédia, she took over the Central Department of Internal Communication and Events Management at ZON.