The Marvila Digital Citizenship Center

The Marvila Digital Citizenship Center was inaugurated on November 4th 2016 as a result of the partnership between Câmara Municipal de Lisboa (Lisbon City Council), Junta de Freguesia de Marvila (parish council) and CDI Portugal. In Marvila, the DCC had 20 social action projects, made available technological tools for problem solving and also connected an Internet of Things project with refugee children and children from other institutions. The project focused on both the senior and the young and refugee population. Its final event was in June 8th, 2016.


CDI Senior Community:Marvila’s seniors developed two proposals to solve the lack of lighting in the Braço de Prata railway station.

CDI Youngsters Community – Intervir: Márcio, one of the youngsters from “Intervir”, in Marvila, created a video, with user testimonies, to raise awareness for the problems in Marvila’s railway halt.

CDI Youngsters Community – Prodac: The young people from Sta. Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa – Prodac, passionate about photography, made an exhibition to raise awareness about Marvila’s two sides, the good one and the least good one.

CDI CACR Community:The youngsters of CACR (CPR) have created their business cards with QR codes associated with a curriculum and a LinkedIn account, so they can have more job search tools/professional courses and, therefore, integrate socially.

Things for Good:J. Walter Thompson, Yoggi, Jake the Maker and CDI Portugal have combined the CDI methodology with the Internet of Things. The youngsters from CACR, Maximiliano Kolbe and PRODON, created a yoggi bottle to fight bullying. By turning the bottle cap, an alert sound is activated that signals a moment of bullying. It was also possible to hear Nathalie Julia from Yoggi.

Microsoft: With safer Internet sessions

Nova IMS and Digital Divide: With a digital exclusion workshop.

Robotics Workshop:With professor Carlos Almeida.

PT Foundation and the “Comunicar em Segurança” project